Now that everyone is shifting to remote work I keep getting asked how Highforge made the transition two years ago to a fully distributed remote team with no central office.

We’ll keep this short and sweet.

We use Slack for instant chat across team. On Slack we have channels for each department as well as each team and each vendor as well as a few channels for clients. We also have a channel for daily kickoffs and wrapups and for people to post updates when they are taking breaks.


Zoom (or google chat) for daily kickoff video meetings.

Dropbox (or google drive) for shared cloud file storage.

Basecamp (or trello or asana) for project management organization.

KeePass (or 1password) for password sharing.

Harvest for time tracking.

Bamboo for hr management.

Quickbooks Online and Fattmerchant for cloud accounting and transactions.

HelloSign and PandaDoc for contracts.

Literally every aspect of our business is in the cloud except receiving some paper checks to avoid credit card fees.

Feel free to comment with any questions or your own system. Let’s help the world do business safely.

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