With Facebook users topping more than 2 billion, the competition to get your brand front and center is an enormous challenge for most brands. Facebook hasn’t helped this by seriously limiting organic post reach. What that means for brands today is if you want your content to reach your target audience, you’ve got to embrace Facebook ads. In fact, more than 90 percent of digital marketers are already using them. If your company isn’t, it’s time to catch up.

Paid ads are an investment so do your homework. At Highforge, we’re here to help you understand the core elements of a successful Facebook paid advertising campaign. We manage millions of dollars in ad spend for our clients in a variety of industries, and we’ve found the tools and techniques for high-conversion Facebook ad campaigns.

First, you need to determine your objective. What’s the most important outcome you want from this ad? It could be sales on your website, newsletter subscribers, downloads of your app or increased brand awareness. Once you’ve got that, you’re ready to consider your customer.

Targeting Your Audience

Reaching new revenue-generating customers takes planning and customer insight. Clearly defining your target audience is the first step. Are they in a particular geographic area? Do they have unique hobbies? One great thing about Facebook ads is your ability to segment your audience with the best set of parameters that reflect who your audience is and what they do. Your brand should be able to fit squarely in between those two parameters or you might need to rethink your targeting.

By narrowing down your target audience and segmenting it appropriately, you’ll be in a better position to offer relevant and personalized content.

You should also focus on remarketing. Find an audience that’s working and create “lookalikes” of it within the Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook will comb through all of its users to find people that are similar to who you’re already reaching. It’s nice to have a little help now and then, huh?

Sample Facebook Ad Audience:

Sample Facebook Ad Audience

Creative That Converts

To begin with, you want your ad to stand out. But you don’t want it to scream ad. Instead, model your creative after typical Facebook posts so they blend seamlessly into the user’s news feed.

The video or image needs to be clean and impactful. Forego the clutter for simplicity, rich color, and a modern design. You don’t need a professional videographer or photographer to make your ads convert. In fact, a more casual approach is often better. Relax your style guide a tad in favor of authenticity and relatability. Think about the content your target audience regularly consumes and mirror that.

Once the image or video has attracted the user’s attention, it comes down to fresh, well-written copy. Think short and snappy. Drop the stuffy language and talk to your audience the way they talk to their friends. Don’t patronize them, rather parrot their language style when appropriate.

Another Highforge recommendation is to focus your copy on problem-solving rather than promotion. What pain point does your brand solve? Tee that problem up first thing. What are the exact words your customer would use to describe their problem? Use those words in your copy.

Then introduce what life looks like without that problem. You’ve arrived at the solution. Did you hear us mention your brand yet? Nope. Wait until you’ve clearly and concisely demonstrated both the problem your user is facing and the solution. Then introduce your brand as the provider of that solution. Do you see the difference in the approach?

Facebook Ad Creative Example:

Facebook Ad Creative Example

Offer Up

Discounted coupons, limited-time offers, and free shipping create a sense of urgency. Focus on these elements to entice your audience to click. Giveaways are also good drivers of conversion, think video tours, ebooks, guides, and templates.

Your ad also should be designed to evoke an emotional response by having a strong call to action. Shop now, book now, sign up, and learn more are all solid calls to action that convert.

A Successful Facebook Ad Offer:

Finally, tweak and then tweak some more. You’ll need to be prepared to test multiple ad formats until you find something that works for your particular brand. Experiment with short and longer form copy and still images vs. video. Test, test, test.

A Successful Facebook Ad Offer

To that end, Facebook recently introduced Split Testing, a feature designed to help advertisers by showing different ads to similar audiences. When you use this program, Facebook collects the data, measuring results in metrics ranging from brand awareness to conversions.

By following these guidelines, you will see what resonates with your target audience. Once you know that sweet spot, you’re ready to capitalize on conversion.

If this all seems like WAY too much to digest, no surprise here- we can help! The world of Facebook ads changes every day and we have our finger on the pulse. We can make your social media ads work for you. Contact Highforge today for professional digital marketing guidance you can trust.