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Ever notice this stuff at the top of your browser?

SSL Example

SSL is a security certificate that is installed on your website server. This notifies the user’s browser that your site is who it says it is, and encrypts the data sent from their machine to your site. That is important for transfer data between two locations and keeps bad guys from stealing info. In 2017, Google, the internet’s self-proclaimed savior, is flexing its muscle to make the web a more secure place and we’re here to help.

This year they’ve rolled out a few updates and in October are about to get serious and if you’re not ready it’ll cause some leadership heart attacks in your organization.

Even though Google can’t force you to get an SSL Cert, they can (and will) place a warning page that your potential customers see before they access your site. It will say something along the lines of “This site is not using a SSL Cert and may not be secure. Proceed at your own risk!” This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it? And as Google Chrome has almost 30% of the market-share, it pays (sometimes literally) to follow their guidelines for web practices.

To save you a lot of time and trouble, we curated links to a variety of popular hosting providers’ SSL installation instructions pages so you can DIY.

If you know this is something you need but don’t have the technical skills or time on your team to get it done without help, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist. If you’re already a client hit our support team or your project manager for assistance.

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