We are excited to announce our partnership with web performance and security company CloudFlare. If you’re unfamiliar with CloudFlare, they are able to make websites faster and protect them from web threats galore.

CloudFlare is used by hundreds of thousands of websites. It doesn’t matter if that site is an individual’s blog, an e-commerce site, a Fortune 500 company, or even a government site; CloudFlare makes them faster and protects them from digital threats. Every month they power over 65 billion page views. That’s more than Amazon, more than Wikipedia, more than Twitter, AOL, Zynga, Apple, Bing, and eBay combined. Plus over 25% of the Internet’s population goes through the CloudFlare network.

CloudFlare has 23 data centers that are strategically placed around the world. When a company likes us signs up with CloudFlare, the website data begins routing through the nearest data center. As traffic passes through, they are able to determine which parts of the website are static versus dynamic. The static parts get cached on their servers for about two hours or less until it gets updated. This helps the overall performance of the site.

By partnering with CloudFlare, we help increase our clients’ overall performance and protect them from threats.

This caching system saves bandwidth, saves money, decreases the load on the servers, and allows web applications to move faster and more efficiently. Customers who go through CloudFlare see on average of a 60% decrease in bandwidth usage. That helps cut the load time of your site by 50%, and that leads to happy customers who can engage more with your site.

On top of increasing the efficiency of your website, they also provide a broad security. CloudFlare tracked a 700% increase in the number of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) back in 2011. They use a broad range of security protections to keep your site safe from cyber attacks and have gotten better as these DDoS attacks increase.

Customers who go through CloudFare see on average of a 60% decrease in bandwidth usage.

They can also protect against hacking and spam delivered through a blog comment. Plus their protections get better as more sites join their community. The traffic patterns of hundreds of millions of visitors are analyzed in real time and the security systems are adapted to keep good traffic going and bad traffic from getting anywhere.

CloudFlare’s goal is to make these types of attacks a thing of the past. And as they get better and as the billions of different attacks are stopped, then they just might get there.

By partnering with CloudFlare, we can send all of our clients’ websites through CloudFlare to help increase their overall performance and protect them from threats. We have set up the “1 click easy” through our dashboard, so with a single click, we give our clients the optimized performance and protection you look for.

Everyday, thousands of new sites join the CloudFlare community, and we’re glad that all Highforge clients are now part of that community.

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