Life Enhancing Chrome Extensions

For many of us marketing agency folk, who spend countless hours in front of a computer, Google Chrome is our weapon of choice.

There is a long list of reasons why Chrome is a great browser, but the bees knees is the ability to add features to it, through the addition of Chrome Extensions. Here is a bold statement I can make both literally and figuratively- Chrome extensions have increased my quality of life.  Extensions have done this by getting tasks done faster and better. Now…. a list of the most used Chrome extensions here @ Highforge.

OneTabOne Tab- A lot of us are required to multi-task throughout a day, and therefore are left with roughly 234  tabs open in Chrome. Sometimes they get a little hard to keep track of, but with this extension, you can save your computer some memory, and yourself some hassle, by converting all your tabs into a simple list that you can restore individually, or all together.

The Great Suspender – Everybody knows suspenders are making a comeback! This is another great app for people who have too many tabs open (me.) This allows you to keep all your tabs open, but suspend activity on the tab to reduce the memory footprint of chrome.

awesome screenshotAwesome Screenshot This has a self-explanatory title, but, I’ll elaborate: this extension captures all or part of any screen you happen to be on.  And once you’ve captured what you want, you can annotate it, blur out some information, and even share it with a single click. So if you are THAT guy who prints an entire website from Chrome, annotates the print with a sharpie, and then scans it and emails it- This is for you! (and we deal with THAT guy a lot!)

Invisiblehand- Since I’m an internet shopping addict (the first step is admitting it), I absolutely need this extension.  When looking for a product online, this extension will quietly search the net (Yeah, I called it the net) for a better price on that product. It supports over 600 retailers and even includes flights, rental cars, and hotels. Now I can save more money on the things the internet has convinced me to buy.

honey-find-coupon-codes-with-one-clickHoney-to go along with the previous extension, Honey finds coupon codes for over 100 retailers to help you save even more upon checkout. I guess you could say Honey makes your checkout price a bit sweeter (bad pun intended).

Website Destroyer­- I grew up with a Psychologist as a mother, so I know how important stress management is. This app will not save you time, or make your tasks easier, but can help rid yourself of some rage. Annoying Client email? Open the website destroyer and pick from their multitude of weapons ranging from a hammer to an atom bomb to destroy the site you are currently browsing.

buffer_logoBuffer– Trying to increase your Klout? This app is a must for anyone trying to up their social media game. Buffer is a one click app that allows you to share articles, pictures, and videos that will upload to your various social profiles throughout the day.

BoomerangIf you are like me and think electronic mail (or as the kids call it: email) is the best thing since sliced bread, then this extension may be up your alley. It allows you to schedule messages to be sent out or returned at a later date. My favorite feature- tracking messages that you send to make sure you hear back.

Hangouts Simply, a great chat tool. We use this in our office for the majority of our internal communication so that our developers can avoid that pesky face-to-face contact they dread so much.

Perfect Boyfriend Does your girlfriend often get forgotten in the midst of all the commotion going on in your office? Whether you  are a hopeless romantic, or just hopeless, this extension has automated fulfilling your girlfriend’s need for attention by sending status updates with romantic quotes to her wall periodically.

whatfont-185Whatfont?- Don’t let the punctuation fool you; this isn’t a question.  It’s the answer to the question- What font is that?  This extension lets you hover your mouse over the font on a website and it tells you what the font type (or family) it is.

Analytics Debugger– Made by Google? Sold! This extension allows you to access the debug version of Analytics for all sites and lets you know if there are any errors or warnings with your tracking code, as well as a breakdown of each tracking beacon on your site.

colorzillaColorZilla- Another monster movie remake? Nope; it’s a great tool made for all you designers that allows you to match any color you find on the web with a simple click and duplicate it in your own work.

Window Resizer Some of these extensions kinda take the fun out of writing a description. YES, It does resize your windows! Having a responsive website is a must, and this extension is the perfect tool for viewing a site in various resolutions of devices like you mobile phones, tablets, and monitors.

Ginger – I am not sure if this app has a soul, but it is helpful! Developers write code, Designers make pretty pictures, right? What happens when they have to write emails or social media posts? They use Ginger to ensure they are writing actual English with proper grammar.

Read Later Fast– Reading list of blog articles and white papers stacking up too high to read all at once, believe me I know the feeling. RLF makes it easy for you to save articles to read later, and even allows you to read them offline (perfect for planes).

tldr-tldrlogo-2TLDR – Another app for helping you get through the copious amounts of reading you may have to do. This app creates a summary of any web article, allowing you to pick the size, depending on how long you have to read it.

Bugmenot Lite Ever get to a website, and you have to register to read an article or use a feature? With Bugmenot you can click one button and all the information is auto-filled with anonymous info so that you can have an account, and not get the daily emails after.

Page Speed Insights This extension has been approved by our Dev Team, but if that’s not telling you enough- this extension evaluates the speed performance of your web pages and gives insights on how to improve them, so that nobody ever calls you slow again.

Hey Girl Now, an extension for the ladies, this extension has one main purpose for you- Eye Candy. With a single click, you can turn every picture on a site into a picture of Ryan Gosling. Alternatively,  install it on a friend’s Chrome and when they walk away, click it and make fun of him for liking Ryan Gosling so much.

12095_10151212158063541_1591536193_nHola Better Internet – If you travel a lot, you should pay attention to this one.  Certain Countries and Regions have blocked access to sites like Hulu, Pandora, and many more.  But with this extension, you can access anything you want, anywhere…FREEDOM!

Facebook Unseen– Have you ever gotten a Facebook message that you needed more time to answer? Hate the fact that the other person knows when you have read the message? BAM! Now you can read the message, and nobody will ever know.

So there you have it.  22 Chrome extensions to make your life a little bit better. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Think we missed some other good extensions?  Which ones make your life easier?

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